Sunday, June 23, 2013

 Happy Sunday! One of the fun cakes this month was this "background" cake for a Justin Bieber Birthday Party for a very special 7 year old. A background cake is one that will be decorated with licensed merchandise at the party. 

The Mom saw a cake similar to this one and decided to have me put my own touches on it. The fondant is just tinted purple and then the keyboard is actually a very long strip of white that has been divided evenly with little line imprints. The black keys were cut out of black fondant and just glued with water on top of the white. 

Cookie cutters were used to make the stars and the notes and they were added to the cake making sure to leave room for the decorations to come after delivery. 

The one cool discovery this time was the cupcake cups! They are new from Wilton and they are called Color Cups. The inside of the cup is lined with foil so that, during baking, the outside of the cup keeps it's color and design which is usually washed out by the moisture of the baking cupcake. So the purple swirls on the cups retained their vibrant color and you could really use them as a decor item! Awesome product!

I got lucky and the client emailed me this photo of the final display with JB on top and the cupcake display made for a really wonderful presentation at Hailey's party!

Next week I'll share with you the baby shower cake I did this weekend! Tomorrow make sure to check out our Cherry Party Blog when we will share a wonderful Construction Party Plan!


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