Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little Man & Little Lady

 Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. If you "follow" me you may have noticed I have been gone for awhile now. Well...I broke a finger and damaged two fingers on my right hand. I am ambidextrous so it wasn't all that hard living without a hand but so much of caking is done with two hands that I basically took 2 months off so the hand could heal. But I'm back now! Ramping up slowly with only two orders this month but by April I will be posting every week again.

Now this week we had a wonderful little party for two children in one family. As they are still very small, turning 1 and 3, the parents thought this was the perfect year to throw the big bash for both kids together. And being the littlest one's first birthday they wanted to make it a "to-do". So we had a Little Man and Little Lady party.
 The theme's decor included mustaches, bow ties, pink bows and pearls. But Little Man was wearing an outfit that featured a regular tie and suspenders so we made his "smash" cake look the same. Little Lady got a personal cupcake as well featuring the heart confetti and pink bows of the other cupcakes but hers was larger and had pink pearls on it as well.
All of the cupcakes had either pink or blue chevron cupcake liners. The blue liners held dark chocolate cake and the pink liners held strawberry cake. There were a few vanilla cupcakes for those who don't like chocolate or strawberry. I also used two different tips for the "boys" cupcakes and the "girls" cupcakes to give them just a little different look. The mustache picks I bought already assembled but the bow picks I had to make myself. Just glue two bows back to back onto a toothpick using stick glue and then let them dry overnight.

The "smash" cake was chocolate with chocolate brownie buttercream filling. I crumbcoated the cake in chocolate frosting to give it another layer of flavor and then, using a flat zigzag tip, I iced the entire cake in lines. I did a chevron trim using the same tip and then added the tie and suspenders. The mustache pick was the last thing to go into it and after the first photo it was the first thing to come out. Right before he totally demolished the cake! Our Little Lady was more refined and delicately ate her cupcake one level at a time. 

Valentine's Day is coming up and I already have some fancy plans for cupcakes! Check back here on Valentine's morning to see that sweetness! In the meantime don't forget to check out the Facebook Fan Site for daily tips and tricks for your parties!