Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Sunday! And it is a VERY Happy Weekend for me and for Cat's Cakes. One of my cakes is featured in Cake Central Magazine! We are THRILLED!

A few months ago I received an email from the magazine asking me if I was interested in submitting a cake for consideration for the magazine. At first I thought someone was punking me. Seriously. ME? Then the legal paperwork followed in two other emails and suddenly I realized that the offer was REAL! The cherry on top of this wonderful surprise was that the theme was Beatrix Potter! 

Around here Beatrix Potter is a big deal. I own the whole set, my younger daughter is a Peter Rabbit fan (ok, Super Fan) and collects nearly everything she can find of that character, and for each of my babies a Beatrix Potter book was the very first book I ever read to them. So to say I have a fondness for this theme is putting it mildly. 

Each artist invited was given tear sheets with a character called Johnny Townmouse and asked to create something for a Baby Shower. We had to submit it by March 10th and then we had to wait....and wait...and see if we made the cut. I was beyond honored to be asked to submit a cake much less be in the magazine so I was even happier to find out that I had made the finals. This message came in about a month ago....and then came the wait to see if I actually fit into the layout of the magazine. Yesterday I found out that, yes, yes I did! I am over the moon! So here is my cake, page 65, in Cake Central Magazine! (click on the photo to see the full image)
The cake is covered in baby blue fondant, trimmed in white fondant and then decorated with hand painted leaves and vines, fondant leaves and vines, fondant strawberries and fondant figurines.
 Here is the artwork I chose to work with in the end. This is the little guy who is the topper on the cake and...
the little guy on the bottom of the cake with his strawberries and leaf umbrella. I have to tell you, the leaf umbrella was the hardest part of the cake. I finally ended up wiring the stem and adhering the larger leaf to the actual cake for stability.
This is the cover of the issue that my cake is featured in. You can download the digital copy of it at Cake Central Magazine for only $2! It is also carried in cake supply stores and in craft stores in a paper copy but if you have a tablet, computer or color e-reader then the digital copy will be wonderful. This issue is PACKED with some really amazing cakes so even if you are not a huge Beatrix Potter fan but just love to look at gorgeous cakes then this will be perfect for you! I'm on page 65! (Yup, still THRILLED!)

And if you are thinking it couldn't possibly get any does. I have been invited to submit again for future issues! How totally cool is that! Yup, very cool indeed! So this may just be the first of several cakes to be featured in this wonderful magazine. But, for the first one to be Beatrix Potter makes it simply perfect. 

Next week I will share with you a wedding cake! In the meantime check us out on Facebook where we are giving out tips and trick for your baking and party plans! And take a few moments to check out the Cherry Party Blog tomorrow to see this week's party plan!


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