Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day to those of you in the USA! Each year we bake something special for the Dad in this house so I thought I'd share the last few years of cakes and treats! This year's cake is a nod to his love of golf but the outside edge and inside filling are nods to his love of Pistachios! The cake is a yellow cake but the filling is this amazing Pistachio Creme I found in Sicily. I posted a few weeks ago how you can make your own but there are also places to purchase it online but it's very expensive. Then I covered it in vanilla butter cream and used crushed pistachios to coat the outside edges. The top is just colored butter cream piped on with a "grass" tip with a fondant "putter" and a wooden skewer flag pole and scrapbook paper flag.
Last year was a nod to Science Fiction and Steampunk for my husband. He has always been a huge Sci-Fi fan and a fan of Jules Verne books and movies so I created this gear and metal octopus themed cake just for him. The small hexagon cake is covered in fondant that has been hand painted with edible silver paint. The octopus arms and the rest of the metal looking components are also painted with silver, gold or bronze edible paint.
 In 2011 we celebrated at our younger daughters house with her husband and son so I made the cake for both guys who are definitely Star Trek fans! This is also just hand painted fondant covering the cake. What I do is mix a small bit of clear alcohol, like vanilla or vodka, with a metallic luster dust. I only mix enough liquid in to make a thick paint texture being careful not to make it too thick, where it would be lumpy, or too thin, where I would have to paint several layers on instead of just one or two.

We had a wonderfully relaxing Father's Day just sleeping in, hanging out and watching baseball. Hope yours was wonderful too!

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