Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Sunday! This weekend was a celebration for a very special birthday here at Cat's Cakes and The Cherry On Top was Tory's Favorite Things Birthday Party! 

Just like the song from The Sound of Music, everything for the cake and for the party was centered upon what Tory loves. So I'm going to share with you each side of her cake. The cake was lemon chiffon filled with lemon curd buttercream icing. The top of the cake featured both Cherries and white daisies...both of these are huge favorite designs for her. The front features her favorite shoes, flip flops, and her favorite place to wear them, Hawaii!
Lately she's caught the "Nail Art" bug so we featured two bottles of nail polish. She's always loved handbags but her favorite is one with cherries all over it. SO cute!
Since she was a baby she's been a "blankie" girl. To this day the best thing is to curl up on the sofa with a blanket on her lap and one of her favorite books in her hands. I think you could figure out the two favorite series featured on this side of the cake.
Finally there are the things she is the most fond of. Disney, music and movies. In fact, I think she knows all of the music from all of the Disney movies! Every piece was made from fondant and, except for the daisies which needed a few days to dry, each piece was placed on the cake the day before the party so it was soft to cut and eat. Hand piped buttercream icing was used for the finishing touches such as the trim and the lettering on the top, sides and front.

Tomorrow I'll feature the entire party plan on The Cherry Party Blog so you can see how this cake fit into the party! In the meantime we are giving daily tips for those of you who are planning your Oscar Party this week on our Facebook Fan Site so drop on by and check it out!


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