Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday! Last night was a big deal in our house. It was Oscar Night! For the past 14 years we have been making a big deal out of the Academy Awards broadcast and last night was no different. Each year I make a different cake, sometimes movie themed, sometimes not. I dubbed last night's cake the "Silver Linings" lemon cake but in our house it's normally referred to as "Aunt Patty's Lemon Sunshine Cake" since my sister Patty is the one who found this recipe (which I will post at the end of the blog) and presented it to a very grateful family! 

 You begin with a white or yellow cake mix. Yup, plain ol' boxed mix. Naturally you can make it from scratch but, with an Oscar Party, you want quick and easy so why not use a mix?

Bake it up till it's golden brown. Don't worry about leveling it or even removing it from the pan. I leveled mine so you could see the details easier but you really don't have to do so. Just let it cool off a bit so you don't manage to burn your hands when it comes time to poke it. Yup, I said "poke" it.

Before you poke it mix up a box of lemon Jell-O with 1/2 cup boiling water. Dissolve the powder into the water then add 1/2 cup cold water. You notice that the liquid is drastically cut down from how you would normally make up Jell-O. This is so you don't drown the cake. 

Now take a fork or a skewer and poke holes all over your cake. Try not to get too many in one area but cover the entire cake with holes.

It's time to pour the Jell-O over so that you cover the entire cake. Now put the cake into the fridge for 3 hours to set up. I lightly wrapped mine in Press & Seal to help keep my fridge clean and the fridge smells out of the cake.

When it's all set up remove it from the fridge and place your pan into a bigger pan of warm water and run a spatula around the edges to loosen the cake from the pan.

Tip it out and turn it upright on your cake stand or plate. Now if you bake your cake in a decorative or clear glass dish then you won't have to remove the cake from the dish. Just cover with the "icing" and serve.

Now to make the icing. Mix one package of Jell-O instant lemon pudding mix with one cup cold milk. Stir until it begins to thicken up. Now stir in 1 Tablespoon lemon juice. Now fold in one tub of Cool-Whip. 

Cover your entire cake with the "icing", make pretty swirls or dips or whatever. Top with grated lemon zest for an added touch.

In the past we have made this recipe in a 9x13 pan and, I have to say, it is much easier to cover the cake with the icing than the 6 inch round cake I chose this year. If you decide to do an "out of pan" cake then, after you unmold it, place it onto a cooling rack and pour the icing over it like you would ganache. It will drip all down the sides and through the wire rack so put something under the rack like a cookie sheet to catch the drippings. The icing sets up fairly quickly so you will be able to transfer it to a cake plate in just a few minutes after covering it.

I promise you. This cake is SO good you will be glad you are sharing it with others so you don't eat it all up by yourself.

Here is the complete recipe:

    1 3 oz. package lemon gelatin
    1/2 C. boiling water
    1/2 C. cold water 

    1 package instant lemon pudding and pie filling
    1 C. cold milk
    1 T. lemon juice
    2 C. whipped topping thawed

    Preheat oven to 350° F. Lightly spray a 9 x 13, 8 inch square or round pan. For cake, prepare according to package directions. Let cool for 30 minutes. Poke holes in cake 1 1/2 inches deep and 1/2 inch wide. Dissolve gelatin in boiling water, stir in cold water. Slowly pour gelatin over cake. Refrigerate at least 3 hours. 

    For topping, combine pudding mix, milk and lemon juice in a bowl. Whisk until it begins to thicken. Gently fold in whipped topping. Spread evenly over cake. Sprinkle with lemon zest. 
    SERVES 8 - 10
You are really going to LOVE this cake! Enjoy!

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