Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of the Year Basketball Cake~ Marble cake covered
in vanilla buttercream and topped with handpainted fondant
Court. Figures not edible.
Well, as what happens in everyone's lives, this week didn't quite go as planned. First off I thought it was going to be a kickback week. No clients scheduled on purpose to give us a week after my son's basketball season was over to recouperate and have everyone at home. So I thought I'd work on a demo cake for an upcoming Bridal Faire. Well, it just wasn't to be. I was able to get started on the decorations and then my son's team made it to the Post Season Play Offs. To top it off he came down with a really bad cold so all week I've been home taking care of him and watching my free time drift away. So then came Saturday and our Play Offs became Semi Finals so, of course, all of a sudden a team cake was in order and a celebration, winning or losing, was in order. My Saturday night and Sunday morning became all about getting a cake out of the door for the kids. And it was SO worth it. Our team didn't win but the kids got medals for making it to the Semi's and the cake was a hit.

No real secret this week. Standard sheet cake, and I don't do a lot of those these days, one layer of marble cake covered in vanilla buttercream. The only really fun part of the cake was the court. It's fondant, rolled out and handpainted. No time to make sugarpaste figures so I had to be content with the Decopac variety. These cracked the kids up because of the obvious difference in the size of the players and the size of the hoops. If I'd had time to make them I would have but about 12 hours didn't give me enough time.

This upcoming week brings one small party cake and one Baby's 1st Birthday cake. The latter I'm deeply attached to since it's for my Grandaughter's 1st brithday! I'll be sharing those next week. When the demo cake is going to get done....well, that's up in the air for now.


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