Sunday, August 4, 2013

 Happy Sunday! This past week brought us a wedding with two Brides! Together for over a decade this couple decided to tie the knot right after the Supreme Court ruling and we were delighted to be involved!
 The custom cake topper was simply perfect for this fun loving couple. A great sense of humor, sense of playfulness and colorful joy was clearly represented by these funny flamingos!

The cake was an 8x4 inch square tier with a 6x3 inch round tier. Vanilla chiffon cake with strawberry filling was one of the Brides favorites so that became the flavor of both tiers. The outside is just vanilla buttercream. I then piped what are known as "Swiss" dots in their wedding colors of light green and aqua blue.

Swiss dots look complicated but they are actually very simple. Just start your dots going straight down the side of the cake. Space them an even amount apart as you go from top to bottom. Now, start your second row at the top but put the first dot even with the space between the first row dots. For this design I ended up with 4 dots of green and then 3 of blue, then 4 of green and 3 of blue for the top tier. Then I just put a candy pearl into the center of each dot to give it the Bridal look. The final detail was the trim and then writing their names on the cake plate.

As far as cakes go, it wasn't terribly difficult to do but it was wonderfully perfect for the couple celebrating their new marriage! The top tier feeds 8 and the bottom tier 32 so just enough for a small wedding such as this one.
For this small "at home" wedding reception the cake fit into the decorating plan perfectly! And speaking of that....I'll be featuring the details of this reception tomorrow on our Cherry Party Blog! So check back tomorrow there to see how this cake table fit into the entire reception plan!

We were very happy to be able to be a part of this small, last minute wedding plan and are very happy for the newlyweds! Thank you both for letting us be a part of your special day!

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