Sunday, August 11, 2013

Broach Wedding Cake

Happy Sunday! This week brings another wedding! My last of the year...and a very simple but lovely wedding cake that is decorated by a replica of the Bride's Great Grandmother's broach. But there is a very special story attached to this broach and to the small wedding cake for this Bride and Groom.

You see, the Groom is being deployed in a few weeks. While he's going to be on the "back lines" and they don't fear for his safe return, they did want to be married before he left. So, while planning the big "To-Do" for next Fall after he returns next Summer, they decided to have this small wedding, including wedding cake right now. The broach is a symbol of how love can endure the separation of War. The Bride's Great Grandmother wore a beautiful crystal studded broach on her wedding day in her hair at a small ceremony before her husband was deployed. He returned home safely and now they have been married since 1942. the math..that's 71 years happily married! I'd say that was one good omen for this new Bride who is about to send her new husband off to War as well. So the Bride found a replica of the broach for her own Wedding Day! We can only wish such a long marriage for the two of them as well!

The cake is just a 10x4 square Lemon Chiffon with Raspberry filling cake covered with vanilla fondant and then decorated with piped royal icing. The icing actually mimics the pattern on the wedding invitations for the ceremony next year so I can't share them with you yet. I piped royal all around the cake as trim and then added the little fondant flowers.

To make the fondant flowers I just rolled the fondant thin as a dime and then used a plunger punch to make the flowers similar to one of these. 
When you press the punch onto the fondant and push the plunger down you not only cut out the flower but emboss it at the same time. I cut out about a hundred flowers and then, using a flower sponge and a mini ball tool, I made the flowers into little cups. I let those dry for a bit before brushing them with ivory luster dust. 

Finally I attached those to the cake with royal icing and then added the little candy pearls. The broach was the last thing to go on the cake. It was attached with royal as well and will easily be removed from the cake and easily cleaned up afterward for use in her bouquet or on her cake next year. 

Best wishes to the new Bride and Groom and our hopes that he will return quickly and safely to his family at the end of his tour.

Next week is a "carved" birthday cake! See you then! Of course you can check in for our daily tips and tricks on our Facebook Fan Site where we still have a "Sharing" contest going on! Just head over once a day and "share" the tip, trick or photo of the day and you can win!


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