Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chocolate Decadence Cake

Happy Sunday! These week brings a little bit of indulgence that you can enjoy! This Chocolate Decadence cake is a Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake filled with fresh buttercream then covered with a layer of buttercream, then ganache and finally whipped ganache and white buttercream!

Now here is how you can make a version of this cake. There are tons of ganache recipes online. Find one and make it. It's really really easy, it just looks hard! It's really just shaved up chocolate, or even chocolate chips, and hot cream. You simply pour the hot cream onto the chocolate, give it a few seconds to melt then stir! Let that cool down a bit then pour over your cake. Yup, that easy. Now let me give you a few tips for this. Use a glass bowl if you can, the cream gets hot and the glass will conduct the heat into the chips of chocolate better. Stir the mixture till very smooth and shiny. Let this set up till it thickens a bit before pouring. Now fill your cake and put it onto a wire cooling rack. Set up foil, with the edges curved up, under that to catch the drippings of ganache and so you don't waste it. Once your ganache is thickened use a big spoon and begin pouring the gananche from the center of the cake and watch as it spreads out beautifully over the cake. Now I covered this cake with buttercream first to add a layer of flavor but you can just pour the ganache right over the bare cake. Once your cake is covered let it set up for a few minutes so you can see any spots you missed. Use the drippings you collected in the foil as well as any left over in the bowl to recoat the cake. Remember to put down new foil before doing this. Then let your cake set up about a half hour before you try to move it to your cake plate or serving platter.

If you want whipped ganache to decorate your cake with then you will need to let the leftovers set up in the refridgerator for at least 12 hours. When totally stiff you will want to whip it with a mixer till light and fluffy. At this point you can spread or pipe it on like you would regular buttercream icing. You can just use the same tip you bought for the rose cupcakes! It will instantly look like a fancy bakery treat!

Hope you get a chance to make this up...I'm sure any Mom in your life would love it!

And speaking of Mother's Day! Next Sunday is Mother's Day here in the US so I will be posting Saturday instead. I have a very special cake planned for our dinner on Saturday night and can NOT wait to share it with all of you!


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