Monday, April 25, 2011

Benjamin's Baby Shower Cake

Happy Monday! Ok, so I'm a day off of my usual due to Easter and travelling. I just got back from a wonderful rollercoaster week at my daughter and son in laws house...they had their baby on the 14th and I stayed to help. I'm missing my new grandson already! A few days after his birth I had a baby shower cake to complete...nope, this biz doesn't stop for babies!LOL!

The Mom to be is a past client, I did her Plumeria Wedding Cake last summer! I wanted this cake for her to be extra special but with my daughter about to have a baby I knew I couldn't promise too much. So what I did, and you can do this too, is to make all the pieces that went onto the cake and then let them dry out. Carried those with me, packaged carefully to prevent breakage, so that if I had to do so I could buy a store bought cake and put the decorations on it. Yup, that's a "secret" that I passed onto you a few weeks ago! This was my back up plan in case we were at the hospital the day of the shower. Fortunately my grandson made his entrance 3 days before so I was able to get the cake made and decorated in time for the shower.

All of the decorations, from the hat to the booties to the sports balls and the letters are all made from fondant that has had a bit of tylose added to it. Tylose helps the fondant to dry a bit quicker. The cake is frosted in fresh buttercream and the pieces were added on with royal icing as "glue". The actual cake is lemon with lemoncurd buttercream, the Mom to be's favorite cake. The cake is offset to show off all the little balls on the cake, including the two on the back. There is only one hockeypuck as a mini spotlight to the Mom to be and Dad to be's passion for the sport..and their team, the San Jose Sharks.

And check out the water bottle next to the cake! Those are part of our event companys work. We do custom water bottles for any event. This one was, of course, sports themed so the water bottle lables were customed designed to match the rest of the decorations for the party.

Next week we dive into some chocolate decadence! See you Sunday!


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  1. Congrats to T on the birth of her son :)

    And oh ya, GREAT cake!!:)