Monday, March 7, 2011

Hippo Themed Baby Shower Cake

The beauty of this business is that when you have a special family occassion for your own family you have the opportunity to create your art for the ones you love and pour your heart into your work. This week's cake was for my younger daughter's baby shower. It's their first baby so this was a special cake for a truly special occassion!

I started work on this cake over a month ago. Starting with the sculptures, which are all hand molded out of fondant, and working my way to the palm leaves and then the boulders, each piece had to be molded, painted and left to dry. More detail painting was added then another drying period. All leading up to three days before when the actual cake was baked, then wrapped, frozen and finally two days before the construction of the cake began. Since this was for my baby girl, I wanted to add as much detail as I could so this was a project that took several more hours than an average baby shower cake but when the trees were finally set into place the cake was just perfect.

From the baby hippo sleeping on the top of the cake under the palms and next to the water...

to the Daddy Hippo tubin his way down the waterfall...

to the Mama Hippo lounging in the pond on the cake board, this cake was perfect for my daughter and her vision of her Hippo Themed Baby Shower. Right down to the cup of tea next to the Mama Hippo since the shower was held in a Tea Room!

Inside the cake was also tailored to the Mama to Be. Lemon pound cake filled with lemon curd buttercream is my daughters favorite cake so there was no doubt what the shower cake needed to be!

As I've mentioned before, my younger daughter and I also run an event company so this was a fun way to combine both businesses on one day...with a twist. My oldest daughter is who threw this party for her sister so I got to work with her for a nice change to help her bring our Mama to Be's vision to life. What a wonderful day it was too!

The next few weeks brings me some detail work for yet another shower cake so I'll be sharing with you the bits and pieces as they come together! See you next Sunday!


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