Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Converse Sneakers

Happy March! Spring is beginning to poke out here and there in Northern California. It's a bit confused with it going from warm to freezing to warm again but it looks like warm is currently winning and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom everywhere. With the Spring comes the Spring babies and the Baby Showers for the new Mom-to-be's. This weeks project is for an upcoming shower cake for a first time Mom.

They chose a Sports theme for this shower and it's for an expected baby boy so everything is very athletic and very blue and very very small! Since the embellishments for this cake need time to dry hard as a rock I needed to take some time and get that done now so they would be ready to set on the cake in a few weeks.

First up are these adorable newborn sized sneakers. The challenges in doing this type of work is that the items are so very small but also you are working with fondant that has tylose added to it which helps it to dry quickly. So you cut out the pieces, just like you would if you were making real shoes, and then assemble as quickly as possible before they get too dry and start to crack. The other challenge is to add the details needed to make them look like real shoes. For these I added the baby's first initial to make it even more personalized.

This weeks' secret is for those who want to add embellishements to their own cakes without having to spend the time or money to make the sugarpaste pieces. Look for a local cake supply store in your area. Inside you will find all sorts of plastic and sugarpaste embellishments to help you to take your simply iced cake and make it something really special. From there you can add a bit of color to a white iced cake or even to a store bought cake and make it more personalized for your party.

Next week I'll share with you another embellishment for this cake which is presently drying enough so I can take photographs of it! See you next weekend!


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