Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Krista Princess Wedding Cake

Happy Sunday! As promised here is the Display Cake that I have been working on this week. If you've been following the blog then you know that this is the third in a series of six that I need for a Bridal Faire this upcoming summer. The first was a Seahorse cake, the second the Wedding Words cake and now this one. I have plans for three more and working on those designs now. It's lots of fun being able to design whatever I want but at the same time I'm also designing with particular brides in mind.

Today's cake is based on what I would have liked to do for my daughter Krista's wedding when she married almost 5 years ago in 2006. Her wedding was in Las Vegas so I wasn't able to do the honors of making the cake so I decided to design this one with her in mind. She's my "pink girl" so I thought "pretty, delicate and pink" when coming up with this design of drapes, sparkly light pink roses and pink ribbon to match. The cake is covered in white marshmallow fondant and the "drapes" and their fasteners are also fondant. The roses are sugar dusted with pink luster dust to match the real pink ribbon trim.

This week's "secret" has to do with the tools we cakers use and some of the odd places we find them. The little embossed fastener pieces that hold up the "drapes" on this cake come from a mold I found in the clay/sculpting section of the craft store. Molds made especially for caking can tend to be very expensive but you can find the same type of patterns for about a quarter of the price in the sculpting section if you are lucky.

The Lenox China bowl on the top is actually one from my own wedding. These were also used in our younger daughters wedding so I thought it would be perfect to add that touch to this cake designed for my older daughters wedding cake as well. Using a family heirloom as part of your wedding cake is a very nice sentimental touch so think of using a china piece, a broach, even a bracelet that belongs to your mother or grandmother to add that touch of family into your wedding cake.

This next week brings another Display Cake. This one designed for a Winter Wedding. I've finished the flower for it and am so excited to share it with you all. See you next Sunday!


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