Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "Amelia"

Welcome to Shower Season. This is the most popular time of year to hold a Bridal or Baby shower. There are the obvious choices for the cake when it comes to these events and then there are more elegant options. The "Amelia" could be used for a very elegant Bridal Shower cake. The delicate sugar paste bird is so very obviously female and lovely that symbolically she could easily represent a Bride. In fact, inspiration for this cake came from a wedding invitation. This is a very popular thing to do as well...base the cake on the invitations! What a lovely way to color coordinate.

Now, below, you will see another way to present this cake.

With just the small addition of two small speckled fondant eggs this cake becomes an elegant baby shower or Mother's Day cake. In fact, as many, or few, eggs could be added depending on if the Mother-to-be is expecting her first or her third baby. Everything, with the exception of the real ribbon trim, is edible on this cake.

This week's "secret" is to use cookie cutters to cut out the fondant then, using a bit of water as glue, just stack the cut outs on top of each other to create this cute layered look. Even the leaves are cookie cutter cut outs! You could easily coordinate cupcakes to match this cake as favors simply by cutting out more of the flowers and leaves, letting them dry till they were solid then placing them upon whipped buttercream. Put those into the little see through plastic boxes you can find at a craft store such as Michaels and tie them up with a coordinating ribbon and you have a very cute and tasty favor for your guests to take home with them!

I'm currently working on a very large display cake that will take a few weeks to make due to the 36 sugar roses needed for it so next week I will have some birthday cupcakes and I will spotlight a cake from the past with some new tips to help you make your next birthday event special!


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