Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday! I do hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day here in the US! I know I did. Of course that doesn't mean I chose to sit back and fact just the opposite. I'd been working on these mini cakes all week and then we had a big family brunch! (more on that later today on our "Cherry" Blog: ) So until the food was on the table I was hoppin' around quite a bit. Then I sat back and pretty much relaxed the rest of the day by going to the movies and seeing The Avengers! 

Ok, so back to the cakes. Mini cakes are SO cute when they are done but SUCH a pain in the rear to make. A mini cake will run you as much as $75 depending on how complicated the cake design ends up being. I went middle of the road complicated for these. The reason a mini cake is harder is because the smaller the cake, the harder you work to ice and cover it smoothly...they don't have the weight of a full size cake to hold them into place...and you do just as much work on the fine detail decorating. Maybe even more since the details have to be mini as well!

Starting from the back left cake. This was for our younger daughter, Tory, who has a 1 yr old little boy. I started out with royal icing and piped lots of little dots and then curly-q's as trim and then hand painted little vines all over the cake and then added tiny blue forget-me-not's as well. Lastly I added little candy pearls to the center of each flower.

The next cake was for our older daughter, Krista, who has a 3 yr old little girl. For this one I started out with piping royal again but this time I went with a "S" configuration for the trim. Then I added more "filigree" to it with purple royal icing and finally finished it off with little purple bell flowers. They also had little candy pearls in the center.

Front right was my mom's cake. She adores yellow roses so it was an easy one to decide to make a yellow rose for the topper. The rest of the cake, however, was not easy to figure out. I finally decided to go as simple as possible using teeny dots as trim and then hand painting on the stem and leaves.

Finally, front left is my own cake. It's funny how this cake design took me the longest to decide upon! LOL! I stared at the blank white cake for the longest time before I decided to ruffle it up and use sweet peas for my flowers. I used a very small star tip for the ruffles and then just used small circles and a ball tool to make the flowers. I hand painted on the stems and vines in the panels and then placed the flowers on the cake.

And speaking of panels. This is how I applied the fondant to the panels! I figured out what size circle cutter fit the space in between the tiers and made a "donut" piece of fondant that I slid over the top tier and onto the top of the bottom tier. Then I used the center of that, cut it down with a smaller cutter, for the top of the cake. Finally I used long rectangles of fondant to wrap around the cakes and join up with the circles. I simply used water to glue the seams together and then covered the seams with royal icing trim which was part of my original designs. This made covering these little cakes much easier. And they are little! 3 inch bottom tiers with a 1 inch top tier. Perfect for 2 slices only.

We did have a huge and beautiful brunch...head on over to the Cherry Blog to see more on how that all came together and get some great ideas for your next Brunch!

See you next Sunday!


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