Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Sunday! This week brought our Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Dinner. I've been doing the cakes for this Pack for the past 5 years and this was my last Blue & Gold. They have grown from a Pack of 22 kids to a Pack of 54 kids so the cake needs have grown as well. This was the perfect time to bring up the subject of using separate cakes to feed a lot of people instead of doing a stacked cake.
These cakes are also an example of how you can do different shapes and add artwork even when you don't have the pans or molds to make them. For the cakes I simply baked 10 inch square cakes and then cut off the corners to make this 8 sided cake. Just a little more style to the cake than a plain square cake would have had. The center piece is simply rolled fondant that was cut into the symbol by using a print out that had been glued to thin cardboard and then cut out. I placed the cardboard on top of the rolled fondant, traced it out, then used an exacto that I use only for food, to cut the shape. After that it was just painting it with the gold luster dust and letting it dry before placing it on the cake.
The last Blue & Gold for us to attend with Pack 335 was a big success. There were about 150 people so I needed 150 servings. For ease of serving in the Hall along with having more surface for printing, I decided to go with the 3 separate cakes instead of making one big, wedding cake style, cake. The wonderful thing is that you can do this for wedding cakes too! It would give you the freedom to go with three coordinating but different looks on your cake table and then you and your groom simply make your pick on the one you wish to cut. We went with a Neapolitan theme for the flavors as well. One was chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry and all were gone by the end of the night. You could do this with wedding cakes as well. Make one a Boston Creme Pie, one covered in Ganache and one the traditional white wedding cake. Lots of different choices for your guests to enjoy! 
They made for a wonderful presentation for the dinner, everyone enjoyed the way they looked and tasted and I was even given a very nice tribute for all the years I have been the Pack's Cake Lady. It's been a fun run.

Next week I will share a beautiful wedding cake that I also did this week! I'll share it with you along with some sugar flowers that I'm working on for a Bridal Shower cake that is coming up soon.


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