Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goofy Themed Grad Cake

This week's cake was a Graduation Cake for a special Grad I've been blessed to get to know over the past 4 years. This kid is something special so it was a wonderful thing to get to design and then present his High School Grad Cake to him this weekend.

We are all Disney Fans in both families but due to copyright law I can't make a Disney figure without their permission...easier to buy Trump I needed to fit the licensed figurine into the design instead. Well, this kid has had some uphill climbs in his life and this was a big one for him to finally reach the top so the idea was to have his favorite character standing on top of the mountain of boulders, each step noting a year of school that he completed. You can see a close up of the steps below: And he's a chocolate fan...ok, he's beyond a there was no question on what flavor the cake was going to be. I have made him my "there can't be too much chocolate cake" cake and he ate it up with delight so my challenge here was to top THAT cake with even MORE chocolate! The answer seemed my normal chocolately cake with ganache! YUM! So this cake is my triple chocolate cake with fresh chocolate buttercream filling then covered with chocolate buttercream and finally topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. That was the ticket! The Grad and his family loved the cake...and that was, after all, the goal. So Happy Graduation Nick! We are proud of you!!

Ok, so each week I share a "secret". Well, this weeks secret is for the more advanced caker. For the boulders I "marbled" fondant. I used white fondant then with skewers I spread on lines of cream, brown and black gel food coloring then gently kneaded it into the white, making sure to only make a few turns. Then I flattened it out and drew more lines of black. This is because I wanted the predominate color of the boulders to be grey. Finally I made a snake of that marbled fondant and a snake of white fondant and laid them side by side. Then twisted them, flattened them out and twisted again. Finally I was able to make a snake, cut it in half (so one side is flat, one rounded) and mould the boulders out of that. Finally, once they were all in place on the cake (yup, there's frosted cake under there) I used a misting spray bottle to spray the boulders to give them a bit of shine. Give it a's a LOT of fun!

This upcoming week brings Father's Day and a very special First Father's Day Cake! Can't wait to share it with you next Sunday!


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