Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hugs & Kisses Valentine's Cupcakes

Happy Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day! As you can see, my display cake hit a delay for the best of reasons...paying clients such as the one who ordered 2 dozen of these fun little Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes decorated with fresh cream buttercream and adorable little x's, o's and hearts for her office party. Of course I made a few extras for my family to enjoy and they were completely YUMMY!

Once again, presentation is everything when it comes to a cupcake. Being such a tiny slice of cake there's just not much to decorate but you can make a big impact with additions such as the fondant candy (cut out with mini cutters you can find at Michaels Craft Stores) and silver cupcake liners. As I mentioned last week, present these on pretty dessert plates and you have a beautiful little gift for your sweetheart.

This weeks "secret" is what is hidden inside...a Hershey Kiss! What you do is put in a scoop of batter into your cupcake liner. I use a large cookie dough scoop. Then put the unwrapped kiss into the middle and press part of the way down (not all the way to the bottom) and then top with a teeny bit more of the batter. Bake as you normally would. Even when cool the kiss is soft and wonderful to bite into and makes for a very nice sweet surprise for your Valentine to discover!

The next few weeks are booked solid so my display cake will have to wait till I get an opening in March but this next Sunday will bring the Blue and Gold Cubscouts cake for me to share with you all. See you then!


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